How to play game Dr. Driving


Dr. Driving is the best driving game around. Cruise through busy city streets as you attempt to be the first one across the finish line. Dr. Driving is getting bigger and bigger each day. The game features a decent set of cars and game modes including online multiplayer mode which are enough to increase your number of addictions.

Dr Driving

Dr Driving for mobile

Dr. Driving is a new driving game for the iOS and Android. Your goal is to choose a goal, choose a car, and then drive your car trying to accomplish the goal that you selected. It can be anything from driving as fast as you can for a certain distance to drifting, to even driving slow and making normal turns just like real life street driving. As you progress forth, you can spend money to buy new cars, even.

To rack up the coins easily, pick one of the easiest missions, which is the fast highway mission. All that you have to do is accelerate, weave around cars, and then cross the finish line. If you pick the normal fast mission, then your goal is to do the exact same thing, except you have turns to deal with too. Just make the turns like normal without running into any cars.

Dr Driving 2

How to play game Dr. Driving

Tilting your device to the left or right will turn on the indicators (blinkers).

Pressing the left or right arrow on your car’s dashboard will turn on your indicators.

Taking a turn with indicators ON will earn you bonus coins.

You can use the horn of your car by pressing in the middle of your steering wheel.

Press on the top of the screen to view the back and side mirrors.

Drive in the lane as indicated by the arrow on the top right to earn bonus coins.

Switch between 3 camera modes by pressing the camera icon in the top left of your screen.

Check the achievements in your game, you get a lot of coins after completing every achievement.

Some tips to help you play the game better

Trick: When your car needs intense repair, instead of repairing, buy an upgrade. It will require less coins to repair when crash next time.

Free 300  Gold: Complete these three tasks to earn +300 gold. There are cars you can unlock with coins you win with every race.

Gold for multiplayer games: That 300 gold is not all the gold you get, if you haven’t noticed yet, you earn gold every time you win a multiplayer game provided you crossed the finish line..

Dr. Driving Free Coins Cheat: This trick will rain coins in your app. The cheat is that if you switch lanes with blinkers ON, you get a coin. You can turn them ON either by tapping on the arrows or tilting your device whichever you are comfortable with.