Excellent driving with Dr Driving

Dr. Driving is a new driving game for the iOS and Android. Your goal is to choose a goal, choose a car, and then drive your car trying to accomplish the goal that you selected. It can be anything from driving as fast as you can for a certain distance to drifting, to even driving slow and making normal turns just like real life street driving. As you progress forth, you can spend money to buy new cars, even. With an average rating of 4.5 and about 1 million users  rating this app a perfect 5 out of 5 on Google Play Store, Dr. Driving is getting bigger and bigger each day.

Dr Driving 2

More and more users are installing this game Dr. Driving and are creating huge records. To beat this competition, you will need something to stay ahead of others whether its making high score on different missions or 1v1 multiplayer game.

Game Play of this Dr. Driving Game:

Launch the game by tapping the icon. You can play the game Dr Driving with or without linking your Facebook account. If you want to compete against your friends, then you should link your Facebook account with the game. The gameplay of the game is simple: the game tests your driving skills via different set of missions. In each mission, you need to complete certain pre-defined tasks. There are a total of 6 missions for you to play Dr. Driving. You can choose any mission any time. While playing any mission, you need to take care of everything, like: how to take turn, speed, acceleration, brakes etc. You are supposed to drive the car just like you are driving it in real world.

dr driving game

Things you may not know about Dr. Driving

  • Tilting your device to the left or right will turn on the indicators (blinkers).
  • Pressing the left or right arrow on your car’s dashboard will turn on your indicators.
  • Taking a turn with indicators ON will earn you bonus coins.
  • You can use the horn of your car by pressing in the middle of your steering wheel.
  • Press on the top of the screen to view the back and side mirrors.
  • Drive in the lane as indicated by the arrow on the top right to earn bonus coins.
  • Switch between 3 camera modes by pressing the camera icon in the top left of your screen.


When your car needs intense repair, do not repair your car. Instead of repairing, buy an upgrade. First upgrade generally costs very low saving you a lot of coins as upgrading also repairs your car.

I prefer upgrading Durability as it will require less coins to repair when I crash next time.

7 game modes/missions available in the game

Broken Brake



Speed (Highway)

Speed Parking

VIP Escort

Fuel Efficiency

Get the highest possible scores on the fuel economy mission by switching back to the KOS even if you buy other cars, and keeping the fuel economy upgraded constantly. This is an easy mission for earning experience points and coins.