Dr. Driving 2 - more realistic driving

Dr. Driving is totally an attractive and addictive Car driving game which was developed by the makers of Dr. Parking,this game underwent some modifications and was relaunched in the name Dr. Driving which will make you crazy while playing. Dr. Driving was launched in 2013 since then the game gained much attention from the gamers around the globe. Unlike an ordinary car racing game Dr. Driving is not about winning a series of laps or a race,but its about showing off your driving  and parking skills in heavy traffic.

dr driving game

Dr. Driving is a free driving game for Android which tests your driving, drifting, and parking skills via 6 different missions. In this driving game, your main aim is to drive the car carefully by following the traffic rules while in one mission you need to drift the car. Whenever you complete a mission, you receives gold coins. These gold coins can be used to unlock new cars. There are a total of 24 cars to unlock with each car having its own characteristics. The game lets you connect your Facebook account with it so that you can share your score with your friends and compete against them.

Dr. Driving the success of the emergence of Dr Driving 2 has attracted a lot of gamers love this game drive. Precision Dr Driving 2  is a car simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.

Precision Dr.Driving 2  is a car simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay. Now it features endless driving mode and police pursuit mode too.

Dr Driving

Dr.Driving 2 Free is a Racing Android Game developed by SUD Inc. Dr Driving 2 Free Recent Changes

- Gearbox interface changed Click R or D to change gear.

- Maximum speed increased.

- Brake speed increased.

In order to use Dr.Driving 2 Free for pc you can download any android emulater on windows just like bluestacks and youwave or you can use android sdk. And you may have to download Dr.Driving 2 Free apk file to access the app without sign in google play.

Initially the game seems to be little difficult but as you play more and more you can get comfortable with it. Most interesting thing is the Graphics and design part specially the sound effects which are apt to whats going on in the background.

In Dr. Driving, your goal is to complete various missions, ranging from speeding like a maniac to drifting like a psycho to… conserving your gas and driving like an old lady! This oddball game has two forms of money: coins, which are your normal money, and gold, which is way more valuable. One is hard to earn, and one is really easy to earn, but both of them can be had for free.

Key Features of this Driving Game App for Android

- Free to download and use.

- Drive the car by following the traffic rules to win gold coins.

- Total of 24 cars to choose from.

- Unlock the cars by collecting gold coins.

- Total 6 missions to play.

- Online mode available to compete against real opponents.

- Log In with Facebook to share your high scores and compete against your friends.